Yes, sad gravy can be saved (even with Aunt Sally breathing down your neck)

My Rams D gave me 14 points. Mahomes getting anything under 35 and I win. He goes out and puts up record numbers and I lose by 9.
Fantasy Football is driving me CRAZY

Skip the hours of searching "how to brine without making a mess" and do a dry brine instead

Ready in 20. 34 Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes That Any Guest Would Love:

Do your signature cookies have a secret ingredient? #ChristmasCookieChallenge

Yikes! What's your biggest cookie baking disaster? #ChristmasCookieChallenge

Mix up a few batches of this dough and bake it THREE ways: rolled into balls, simply sliced-and-baked and cutout into cute shapes to decorate: #ChristmasCookieChallenge

Who taught you how to bake cookies? 🍪 #ChristmasCookieChallenge

These little edible gift boxes can be made from sugar cookie, butter cookie or gingerbread dough! 🎁 #ChristmasCookieChallenge

This Thanksgiving is all 'bout that baste, 'bout that baste, no trouble!:

What would you name your baking business? #ChristmasCookieChallenge

This sheet pan treat has everything you and 30 of your closest friends could ever want: #ChristmasCookieChallenge

Which two holidays would you combine and what would you name it? #ChristmasCookieChallenge

These cookies-and-cream snowman truffles are *almost* too cute to eat 😍☃️ #ChristmasCookieChallenge

If your apples are going to get baked, make sure they are these ones

What's the best part of Christmas? (Use a gif) #ChristmasCookieChallenge

Los días de fiesta no tienen que ser difíciles si eres diabético, con mi nuevo libro “Clásicos Latinos A Lo Saludable” tu podrás comer delicioso y platos perfectos para toda la familia @AmDiabetesAssn #ClasicosLatinosALoSaludable @amazon

Coming up next, join host @Fitchefeddie and judges @Thepioneerwoman, @BakedbyDan, & @Aartipaarti on #ChristmasCookieChallenge at 10|9c.

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What’s your go-to coffee order? ☕#HolidayBakingChampionship

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.@FullerFarmer pairs cranberries with gingerbread & a dollop of whipped cream:! #HolidayBakingChampionship

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