Looking for something tasty to try this week? Then you should give @arnoldhugo succulent lamb and plum tagine a try. #foodandwineireland #recipes #instadaily #recipes

Lamb and Plum Tagine

This tender lamb and plum tagine recipe from chef Hugo Arnold is the perfect meal for all the family.


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Amazing... @amyklobuchar inspiring and leading on mental health and addiction issues. “Minnesota has a lot of good treatment models to bring out to the rest of the country”.
Great to hear common sense talk about being good to people

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Make a Giant Chocolate Lava Cake and let your guests dig in: https://t.co/LmQv4Dyuy0! #KidsBakingChampionship

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Craving something savory? This Cheeseburger Monkey Bread is exactly what you need: https://t.co/KWjM4KRjpQ. #KidsBakingChampionship

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A toasted pecan and brown sugar glaze makes this monkey bread taste like pecan pie: https://t.co/n0mLDybgCl. 😍

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Aged duck breast with foie gras sausage, rutabaga purée and a mind boggling flavor and texture vibe. Stunner from @leewolen and the team @bokachicago
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Congratulations to all the winners at the first ever @worldrestawards, especially to @Ballymaloe for winning the Trolley of the Year and to @paradisocork taking home the Collaboration of the Year award. 🇮🇪
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And finally, a huge congratulations to @Wolfgat for taking home the Restaurant of the Year award @worldrestawards
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