On this Memorial Day Weekend let’s remember to help all our veterans and active duty military in need.

At least 22 veterans a day commit suicide.
Veterans Crisis Hotline

Would at least 22 of my friends please copy this and tweet it?

Best doc I’ve seen in a long time. @joanjett has been a legend since high school and was at the forefront of more cultural movements than I can count. Really superb old music footage and great storytelling https://t.co/OKuhWcqPH1

From @liewbob

“NeverBiden & NeverBernie are both as counterproductive as NeverHillary or a vote for Stein was!
No elected (D) or (I) is anywhere near as extreme Left as the ENTIRE GOP is Far Right!
NO establishment Dem is anywhere near as corporatist as the ENTIRE GOP is!”

Flying to @bottlerocknapa and my chicken got loose at the airport. Should give you a decent idea about what I’m doing out there when the legendary @alicecooper and I take the stage tomorrow night! @supermenschshep makes sh*t happen!!! This is going to be… https://t.co/7Jj6VJ4yn8

This Wednesday we are raising the bar on @MasterChefonFOX Season 10. Get Ready ! And don't call this a #birdbox challenge...I've been doing this for years 😉

A bunch of cooks.... and the amazing @egestel68 the @lebernardinny EC who puts us all to shame. Amazing night with @ericripert and @chefirvine and all the folks cooking together @ritzcarltongrandcayman for a private event. Thank you Marc Langevin and Che… https://t.co/HzDCdeNKiI

Hands UP if you're ready for the summertime! We're talking our favorite cookout dishes in #TheKitchen this morning. I'll be bringing my Double Potato Salad with pesto to the party. See you there?! Catch us at 11:00 | 10:00 CST on the @foodnetwork.

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