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Korean fried chicken sliders
📍Oxford Circus
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Just updated my Rome guide on @Giadzy w/ new restaurants from my last trip https://t.co/vT0DbHYfu5

My new book, AZ and the Lost City of Ophir, is coming out February 5th! Make sure you pre-order it at Barnes & Noble, Amazon or wherever you get your books! https://t.co/QPh6lRE6pj

I’m finding a swimming pool of grease tonight on an all new @24HoursFOX as I head to #Memphis at 8/7c !

Fun game... Michelin starred Italian restaurant or hospital cafeteria... who made this pasta? Any guesses? Let’s play this game more often, seems fun. https://t.co/t1MabZ5vXS

Happy birthday wishes are in order for @GuyFieri today! @FoodNetwork

Soy is a plant that makes many things, soy sauce is a condiment made of soy and other things. Ok thank you I'm done.

Very underrated stress moment in the dessert round: when cookies are in the oven and they ARE NOT going to be done in time. It’s more stressful than the ice cream machine maybe ....#chopped @FoodNetwork

My phone did this for me. Thanks phone. Nice montage. Not sure what the algorithm was that created it, but it made me smile https://t.co/ixq3a25lcW

Check out that ramen pizza! I didn’t know how to cook eggs with such finesse at that age #chopped @FoodNetwork

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