Lighting a fire to cook a meal 🍳, light a home 🛋️, heat a room 🌡️.

For billions of people, these simple daily acts can turn the household into a dangerous place.

Exposure to household #AirPollution produced kills 3.8 million people each year.


We are getting ready for #WorldHealthDay on 7 April!

It’s time for Universal Health Coverage. For everyone, everywhere!

Join the #HealthForAll movement 👉

Bon Appétit! Thinking pasta tonight? Enjoy your dish foodborne illness free. Remember to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap & warm water before & after cooking to get rid of bacteria!

No weekend plans? It’s a perfect day to clear the fridge! Get rid of all that leftover food for a nice fresh start! Keeping a clean fridge helps to minimize food spoilage and reduces risk of foodborne illness! #FoodSafety

Charcuterie & cheese paired with the perfect wine your thing? Thank Lloyd Augustus Hall! Dr. Hall invented tons of ways to preserve foods, including curing methods still used to preserve meats today! #BlackHistoryMonth #FoodSafety

The 2019 Consumer Food Safety Education Conference is here! Join us for 2 days of take-away strategies for changing people’s food safety knowledge & behaviors. Will we see you March 6-8, 2019 in Orlando, FL? Registration is NOW open!

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