Happy #NationalDessertDay! 🥧🧁🍪🍭🍩🍫🍡🍨🍦🍬On this most magical day we're satisfying our sweet tooth by revisiting some of our favorite blog posts on DESSERT! Follow along in the tread below 👇 -CGB
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Comedian and author @mattbellassai has high expectations for his cookie self-portrait. Does he meet them? Watch this episode of Treat Yourself to find out — and to learn why sushi and Florida rank among his favorite topics to complain about. @unhappyhourpod

Exploring Historical Blacks: The Burgundian Black Collaboratory. The first entry in a series of posts on collaborative research into recipes for Burgundian Black, organized by Dr. Jenny Boulboullé. #historicaldyes #colours

These secrets from home cooks can take the hassle out of meal prep. See how well they work for you — and relax. Less Stress in the Kitchen:

Alana Martini, student @CUHistArchRel on "What's in an Ancient Egyptian makeup bag?" #twitterstorians #ancientEgypt

Image: Painting from the tomb of Nakht depicting three women

Comedian and writer Judy Gold stopped by the Allrecipes studio to turn a basic sugar cookie into a colorful, candy-coated representation of herself. While decorating, she chatted about food, her stand-up career, and her podcast: @JewdyGold @BarbraStreisand

As part of our undergraduate series: What's in an Ancient Egyptian makeup bag? #histSTM #histrecipes #makeup

Image: Painting from the tomb of Nakht depicting three women

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