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Would you rather have a Chicken Flatbread Taco or a Beer Battered Fish Taco? That’s a trick question. Have both with the new #Mix2Menu.

The air is crisp, but our Tenders are crispier. Text “NOM“ to 876642 and get three Crispy Chicken Tenders for just $2 ALL DAY on Thursday, January 24th!

What's up, Frysters! CR here ready for another fun tweet. But before we get into it, why don't we go ahead and SMAAAAAASH that like button.

It's totally our unbiased opinion that you should celebrate #NationalPieDay with Cheesecake. It just feels right.

Chef Justin's Fresh Pick of the Week = Cobia + Lemon Butter
"A premium, butter whitefish such as our Caribbean Cobia doesn't need much to make it stand out - Our signature Lemon Butter sauce is an elegantly simple touch which allows the flavor of this 'Superfish' to shine. "

We're feelin' preoccu-pied because today is #NationalPieDay! Treat yo' self to a Pie Oh My concrete - vanilla custard perfectly blended with a slice of pie from a bakery near you. 🙌 The sweetest part? 5% of sales from each Pie Oh My goes to a local charity! 💚

Can't keep our hands off our new Brittany pastries.

Introducing our new sweet treats →

Original fresh dough. Real ingredients. And enough to share. Celebrate #NationalPieDay with the only kind (j/k, our favorite kind) of pie.

How do you guys dip? Take a screenshot, draw it, and send it back to us. #HowtoDip




(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ same price

Give yourself a free entrée. Sign up for P.F. Chang’s Rewards and start earning points every time you dine with us!

A new season brings new flavors and it's your last chance to try our Fall Favorites menu through January.

Psst, lunch can be a steal 😉 Choose from our Lunch Duo combinations starting at just $8.99!*

*Available at select locations

People on #NationalPieDay:

“What’s your favorite kind of pie?”


We know you love us, but it’s pronounced Zax-BEES, not Zax–BAES.

Keeping resolutions can be hard, but luckily for you, we've got drinks for both our angels and our devils. If you're a sweet thing, get a drink to match with our Heavenly mocktails. If you're a baddie, add a shot for a Hell-ish and delicious cocktail. Are you in Heaven or Hell?

Planning for Super Bowl LIII Sunday? Order 🍕 for the Big Game to get 20% off merchandise through 2/28.

Our 3-course Winter Classics Menu, offering new Blackened Coconut Snapper, is the perfect way to warm up this Winter. Starting at $45.95.

A 4-Course Feast for $15? Yea, for real.

Weekday Win Menu 👉:


If LA-New England goes to overtime, we’re giving everyone in America free wings on Feb. 18. LET’S DO THIS!


The all-new Papa Rewards is here and it’s better than ever. Now you can earn points 5 times faster than ever before. Plus, redeem them for anything on the Papa Johns menu. Yup, even wings. What are you waiting for? Order now.

Now you can get ½ Price Drinks and Slushes every time you order with the SONIC app! The options are endless. 😋

With bacon coming to the Classics, anything is possible. Even…FREE bacon. Introducing…Bacon Hour—FREE bacon on the side with ANY menu item for one full hour on January 29th, 4-5pm (local time) at part. restaurants. #BaconHour

It’ll be available to order on the Funko Online Shop today at 2 pm EST. Supplies are very limited and are expected to sell out fast. So, if you don’t go order yours right when it drops, you might as well be ordering sadness.

I foresee a Colonel Sanders Funko Collectible figuring into your future. Once you figure out it’s all you ever needed, you will figure out a way to get one at select retailers or Amazon. Order one now before they disappear. I'm speaking figuratively, of course. Link below.

Put on your headphones, drink your coffee, and handle your business! ☕️ Friday will be here before you know it. 💯

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